Bring customers back sooner with loyalty, online order, and delivery all-in-one platform.

Reward your F&B business customers based on their frequency and spending.

Retain your customers through a loyalty and rewards program and grow your business

Reward customers for every stage of their journey

Customers receive higher rewards as they come back and visit more often and spend more.

Omnichannel integration

Customers can redeem rewards through online order and delivery.
Encourage your customers to visit your store more frequently to redeem their voucher, so they can keep receiving benefits.
Some customers prefer the convenience of having food delivered. Sticky platform includes order and delivery platform so rewards can be used on delivery.

Engage with customers personally

Engage with customers and send personalized messages on their life’s milestones through Smart Campaign, email, SMS, or push notifications.

Leverage insightful data

Track, capture, and analyze your customer data into actionable insights to maximize 
your revenue.

Join the loyalty marketing force driving Renowned F&B Brands

Boost your customers’ loyalty and retain them for the long run at a fraction of your usual spends.


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Reward your F&B business customers based on their frequency and spending.
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